230w Mini Beam Moving Head Light

Meet the 230W Mini Beam Light – a small but mighty bulb-driven moving head light. Packed with cool features like a color wheel, fixed gobo, 8-facet prism, and rainbow wheel, it offers unique gobos and rainbow effects.

With its super narrow 2° beam angle and quick flash rates (1 to 10 times per second), it leaves a lasting impression. Easy to control with DMX512 (16CH), Scene, Sound, and Master-Slave modes.

Perfect for spaces with 5-6 meter ceilings, like private parties, small bars, and music lounges. Simple, compact, and powerful – it’s lighting made easy!

Additional information

Light Source

MSD 7R 230W bulb


2200 hours

Color temperature


Led Ring

27×0.5w RGB 3in1 LED

Color Wheel

14 colours+white

Gobo Wheel

14 gobos+white

Beam angel

Flash quickly

1-10 times per second

Pan scan

540°(16bit) Electric correction

Tilt scan

280° (16bit) Electric correction


8-facet prism

Control Mode


DMX Channel



100-240V, 50/60Hz

Product Size


Package Size

50X34.5X36.5 CM


12 KG

Included accessories

Mounting bracket, Power cable, DMX cable

Exploring The Product

230W Mini Beam Light is a compact, fast, and powerful bulb-driven moving head light. It equipped with a color wheel, a fixed gobo, an 8-facet prism, and a rainbow wheel. Exquisite and unique gobos and rainbow effects are waiting for you to explore! Additionally, its extremely narrow beam angle (2°) and rapid flash rates from 1 to 10 times per second are sure to leave a lasting impression!

It supports DMX512 (16CH), Scene, Sound and Master-Slave mode. Suitable for spaces with a ceiling height of 5-6 meters, such as private parties, small bars, and music lounges. Contact us for the latest pricing!


This sharpy beam 230W light is compact and light.

It’s 284X234X441(mm) in size and weighs 12 kilograms. You can easily set it up, take it down, and move it around without needing a lot of people.

It has a strong light that comes from a 230W bulb.

Inside the sharpy beam 230W light, there are 14 cool colors, 14 pretty gobos, and a 8-facet prism.

The sharpy beam 230W light also has a rainbow wheel and a frost wheel.

The sharpy beam 230W light has very narrow light angle (2°) and can flash quickly (1-10 times per second).

On the front of the moving beam 230W light, there’s a screen and five buttons. You can use them to change the settings and effects easily.

You can control it with DMX512 (16CH), Sound, Scenes, and Master-Slave mode. It can do a lot of things to make your party or event look awesome!

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