Flat Par Light 42x1w RGBW


The PP 421 RGBW is Light weight Par, It’s made of tough plastic, powered by 42pcs 1w RGBW LEDs with a 25-degree beam angle , It’s perfect for small stages, home party , lounges, bars.

• LEDs: 42x 1w LEDs (12Red, 12 Green, 12Blue , 6White LEDs)

• Beam angle: 25-degrees
• LUX: 3600 @ 2M
• DMX channels: 4 or 8 selectable
• Static color, color change, fade, auto, sound active and Primary/Secondary modes
• 0-100% dimming and variable strobe
• 4 push button menu with LED display
• Scissor yoke included – allows for multiple rigging or floor standing applications
• 3-pin DMX In/Out
• IEC In/Out connections to daisy chain power
• Fan cooled
• Power consumption: 42W max
• Multi-voltage power: 100~240V, 50/60Hz
• Fuse: F2A 250V
• Dimensions (LxWxH):250x250x90mm
• Weight:  1.7kg

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Exploring The Product

The PP421 RGBW uses 42pcs 1w  LEDs (12x Red, 12x Green, 12x Blue , 6x White LEDs) and has a 25-degree beam angle. It’s made of tough plastic with a metal scissor yoke. You can use it in permanent setups or take it on the go. It’s perfect for small stages, lounges, bars, and fun centers, and it’s also great for one-time events or mobile DJs.
You can use the PP421 RGBW in sound active mode or connect it with DMX cables to access its built-in programs and linkable features. It has 3-pin DMX in/out and IEC in/out connections, so you can easily connect power from one fixture to another. It also has a simple 4-button menu with an LED display to help you navigate its different features.

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